piątek, 18 października 2013

Access to (full) shell of Symantec Messaging Gateway (aka Brightmail)

Symantec Messaging Gateway (aka Brightmail) is anti-spam and anti-virus software for internet mail. It's distributed as VMware appliance (or installation disc for dedicated machines).

It's Linux based system but its shell is limited to some maintenance commands specific to product. There are also some limited number of Linux commands available - like ifconfig, route, ping, telnet.

But when it's not enough, when you need access some additional logs, there is a support user with access to full Linux shell.

Here is a receipt how to access this account.

  1. Open a console (on pictures Virtual Machine Console is launched under VMware vShpere Client).
  2. Login as admin with your admin password.
  3. Run set-support command and set temporary password for support user (temporary but product asks for complex password).
  4. Logout (as admin).
  5. Login as support with temporary password.
  6. Enjoy your freedom.