czwartek, 22 listopada 2012

Tip: Add a shortcut to SSMS SQL templates folder into your SQL templates SVN repository

As my workspace is distributed thru multiple remote desktops (sql servers, admin machines, testing machines) I quite often need to checkout my SQL templates from SVN repository and add them to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). But I always forget where to place it. So my trick is to checkout my SQL Templates first - to folder where I put other projects. And then to use (windows explorer) shortcut for quick relocate to SSMS templates folder I make a copy (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) of my SQL templates working directory.

I previous post I gave you same tips where to find SQL templates folder.
Now make use of it and create shortcut.

Ready. In new workspace just checkout your SQL templates project from SVN, double click on shortcut ti relocate to SMSS templates folder and you know where to move your project - move it!. Another tip is to leave the shortcut in folder with other projects for future use, when you need to make some updates to your templates.

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