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Hide Results Pane and make some space for your SQL code (SSMS 2012)

Space on your screen has its value. This is productive tip for making some more space for your SQL code while building your query. After executing a query under SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), a result pane appears and takes aprox. half of the screen. You can make it smaller by dragging the separator line down. But better idea is to just hide it.

You have 3 options:
  • Go to Windows | Hide Results Pane
  • Use CTRL+R shortcut (worth to remember - as it's worth to remember F5 shortcut is for Execute)
  • Use Hide Results Pane button just from toolbar - but.. you have to add it onto toolbar first (and spend some minutes if you don't know where to find it - continue reading..)
My favorite is the third one. So, the number one step after running SSMS in new enviroment is to add Hide Results Pane button onto toolbar. And this is the post how to do it.

Some pics..

You're starting with some new query..

You're pressing F5 to execute and a half of screen is taken by results. No space for continuing a query..

You may find Hide Results Pane under Windows menu and get rid of it.

If you want to have Hide Results Pane button easy accessible you have to start with clicking left mouse button on a small down arrow at right side of choosen toolbar. Click Customize at the end.

On the Commands tab click Add Command button.

Next, select Windows in Category list (almost at the end) and then select Show Results Pane in Commands list (also almost at the end). Yes - it's Show Results Pane - do not look for Hide Results Pane.

New command was added at the begining of choosen toolbar. It's good idea to move it to the end with Move Down button. Tip: use auto-fire on your joystick ;)

Ready! Congratulations! Now you can hide and show again results pane fast with only one click.

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