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"Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user 'DOMAIN\user', error code 0x5" in SQL Agent


You login into SQL Server instance using Windows Auth. You're sysadmin. You've created job in SQL Agent - you're the job owner - but you get an error every time you try to run it. You've noticed that changing owner to SQL login with SQL Server auth is workaround.


Job owner is SQL login with Windows authentication, created for windows domain user. This login is sysadmin (or has enough priviledges to run the job).

You get error:

Unable to determine if the owner of job SYSTEM has server access (reason: Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user 'DOMAIN\user', error code 0x5. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 15404)).


It seems something blocks SQL Server to query Active Directory controller for DOMAIN\user details.

Determine windows user who runs SQL Server instance - if you don't know it (you should!).

  1. Run Sql Server Configuration Manager.
  2. Display SQL Server Services section.
  3. Highlight "SQL Server (Your Instance)" and read user name from "Log On As" column.
Open Active Directory Users And Computers app, find this user, open Properties.

I guess that "Password never expires" was not checked. Just check it and apply. Re-run your job.

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